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Read about case where through Katherine's help a woman was found that had been missing a month in the Alaskan wilderness..


Testimonial on above story:

Katherine Jones has been a friend of the family for several years. Recently a woman came up from the Anchorage area and was headed 90 to 100 miles outside the city of Fairbanks. She was going to her family's mine, she went missing enroute. There was an article in the local newspaper asking for anybody to come forward if they had seen her or had any information regarding her whereabouts. She had been caught on a surveillance camera at a store in town but hadn't been heard from for several weeks. For a month her family and friends had been searching for her along the 100 mile stretch of road to the mine, and all along the side roads without any luck.Her family had also stopped by the state camp where I work and asked us to keep an eye out for her.We searched whenever we could after work.The road is long and winding and cut into the mountains.One side is hills going up and the other side is cliffs going down-a mile in some places.It was like looking for a needle in a haystack. I finally decided to ask Katherine if she could help. I gave her the woman's name and she called me back a short time later. She told me things about the woman that I was unaware of, but my coworkers, who had met her before where able to confirm. She described the location where she saw the woman. I had only been working there for a short time and was not fully familiar with the territory and all of it's landmarks. I went back to work and and as my coworkers and I discussed the information she had given me,it just started coming together.We were able to narrow down the area where we wanted to concentrate our search to a "small" section of the road.We found her within a day. Katherine said she would be on an East facing slope and she was.There are only a couple of slopes that are truly east facing. Katherine saw an eagle with it's beak pointing south and it's tail to the north.She saw a boat launch or inlet near by. She was found south of a place called Eagle Summit near a stream where canoes and small river boats come in. Looking down it does does look like an inlet.Her vehicle was off the road, quite a ways down. It was hidden by the bushes and trees and barely visible.Unfortunately the woman was deceased.Without Katherine's gracious help, however , I do not beleive we would have ever found her or been able to give her family closure.

Thank you Katherine,"

Travis Capps , Alaska

I had the good fortune to get to know Katherine when she called my place of work, Crime Victims United of CaliforniaWe talked at length, became friends and I learned that she is a true Psychic. She was correct with many things that she told me. She is a special lady and a great support for victims."

Maggie Elvey, Crime Victims United of California. "RETIRED"



Having had the experience of a relative go missing for several months, I empathize with the families of missing and murdered loved ones, and I am happy to help if I can.

To get the best results, I ask that you cooperate with the following:

  • I prefer to work with only the police officers in charge of the case. There are many reasons for this, but most importantly, family members are so distraught that it affects my ability to pick up information clearly.Working directly with the police offers the best chance for a more accurate result.
  • For privacy and safety reasons I prefer that my name and information not be revealed.
  • When calling my office leave only your name, contact # and say it is a police/missings person case. Please do not leave details of the case on my message machine!



But, if the information I give results in the successful conclusion of a case, and there is a reward, I ask only to be considered for and receive the reward, like any other informant who has helped solve a case.

Please note: A case does not have to have a reward for me to work on it.

To Contact Katherine Jones

Reach Katherine by email... Please see Contact Page

Clearly state your name and phone # and that this is a Police/ Missing persons case.

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