Psychic Readings 

My Readings are done over the phone, I have two formats available:

Format 1. This is for someone who wants a general overview of the next year and a half to two years of their life. All areas of life are covered, plus time for your questions. Can include some ***Mediumship.

Format 2. This is for someone that has many specific questions and would just like to concentrate on them; and is not interested in a general overview of their life. Can include some ***Mediumship.




Tips are greatly Appreciated !!

30 min $60.00

45 min $85.00

60 min $110.00 

*Preferred Payment Types~"Zelle"

(ATTENTION!  My  "ZELLE" payment code IS NOT my contact email address or my office phone number.  I have a designated payment address which I will give you at the time of your appointment.) 

Other payment options:
Online bill pay   -   Personal Check   -  Money Order  -  Cashier's Check   

Make these options payable to: KATHERINE JONES 


*** MEDIUMSHIP is the ability to pick-up information about and/or messages from loved ones who have passed on.  ***




For legal purposes it is understood that psychic readings are for entertainment purposes only and not intended to foster a belief in or dependence on Psychic/Mediumship readings. Katherine does not tape, take notes or document these sessions but you may tape them if you choose. By booking and aggreeing to having a reading with Katherine Jones you waive all rights to make any claims, charges, complaints, legal finacial or othewise against Katherine Jones now and in the future.

Katherine DOES NOT diagnose, prescribe, give legal. financial, psychological or similar advice. If you have an issue please consult with a licensed professional in the area of your concern. You alone are responsible for and in control of your life, actions and decisions.




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Let Katherine shine a light on your future !