Katherine Jones Consulting

"... what awaits you on your path?"

Exhibiting advanced intuitive abilities since childhood Katherine Jones has assisted individuals throughout the world with their personal and professional goals and challenges. Her clients come from all walks of life and have appreciated Katherine's positive approach to readings, her delightful sense of humor, and have assessed her accuracy rate at approximately 85%.

Katherines intuitive consultations emphasize practical information to help her clients avoid problems, take advantage of opportunties and breakthrough to new levels of personal and professional success.

Katherine Has Been Featured In:

  • The Unicom Guide to Psychics
  • The Seeker's Quest 
  • Catalyst Magazine 
  • The Eagle and the Condor Radio Show 
  • Beyond the Ordinary 
  • The Paranormal Connection 

"I believe we create our own futures. A consultation is like a report card- it shows you where you are succeeding or failing,

GOD wants us to win, prosper, be loved, and blessed. A good psychic can help you see what you are drawing to yourself-so you can avoid problems and experience lifes blessings."

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