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... more praise for Katherine:


"I have been seeing Katherine for over seven years. She has done card and clairvoyant readings for me. She has always been at least 90% if not more accurate on her details. 

Over the years she has told me many things. One was four years ago, she told me that she felt a possible illness with my dad, that the energy in the heart/circulation area was low. At this time I knew he had some minor problems with high blood pressure and was supposed to be watching his diet. She told me that I would have to go out of town (Reno) to go to his aid. Katherine told me that he would be on vacation with a lot of people around him. He was at Eagle Lake, right outside of Reno. I was the only family member that was not with them. My brothers and my mom were camping with him. I had to fly up to Reno to be with him. He was in intensive care for 12 weeks before he died. 

Katherine told me that I had to make a decision about my marriage, that I was unhappy but afraid to make a move. She did tell me that I was going to finally get up enough courage to leave my husband and ask for a divorce, that he would give me a lot of problems, try to use the kids against me and try and get me for as much money as possible. She said he would try and hide the fact that he had some stock options at work also, but she said that it would all work out for the best. Everything she told me turned out to be true and my husband did all of the above! Everything did work out for the best though finally, and the kids and I are so much happier after the divorce. I needed a place to live after the divorce and Katherine accurately described the lovely townhouse I found, right down to the color of the house, the trim and even the color of the flowers that were growing outside of it!

Katherine is very honest and tells you what she sees, it is not always what you want to hear, but you know that she is always going to tell you the truth. She is a very caring and sensitive person who will help you out in any way she can. She has given me a lot of good advice over the years, which I will always be grateful for."


For privacy reasons simply identified as... Sharon



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