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"There is a reason why I keep going back to Katherine Jones for my readings, she's incredible! One of my readings, a couple of years ago, she told me I was going to get married in late 2022 or early 2023. I was skeptical because I wasn't even dating anyone at that time so I thought there was no way that I would be getting married that quickly. Sure enough, I am now happily engaged and getting married in March 2023. I highly recommend Katherine Jones and will continue to see her for all my readings."


Kayla S. - Maui, HI

"Katherine is a true, gifted PSYCHIC-MEDIUM. Our reading covered so many topics & I was astounded at how in tune she was with me. There was nothing vague that she could share in general with just anyone. It was all very specific to me! She had no idea that I was a small business owner & yet she could see massive changes happening quickly & reorganization at my place of work. Very soon after our reading these very things happened completely out of my control. She saw that I would be "dancing in the sunshine" at a festival. I thought that was so farfetched because that's just not my life & so I didn't tell anyone. 2 weeks after our reading I was invited to a music festival in Costa Rica! She even picked-up on my pup's energy and warned of low energy around her left ear. Our Veterinarian diagnosed an ear infection shortly after. This was an amazing experience & I am so grateful for Katherine's gifts! I feel I can make better choices knowing what may be coming. I highly recommend her to anyone in search of true PSYCHIC-MEDIUMSHIP."


Ginny C. - Pittsburg, PA

"I have been consulting Katherine for 8 years now and everything she has told me in regards to grandchildren - that I didn't even know about - to future life-changing events - to current & daily events - all have been on point consistently. Her ability to tune-in is extraordinary! She helped me solve a case with my granddaughter who was missing, along with her emotional support animal, in St. Louis. Now they are here with me safe and sound! The affirmations I received from her are so inspiring. I want to personally thank her for helping me try to make sense of my family and personal life."


TINA - Las Vegas, NV

"Katherine has been such a life changer for me. She has been able to give me hope in my darkest moments by sharing her gift. I cannot express how much she has predicted that has come true for me! There were times when I would think "no way" to a prediction and then it would manifest right before my eyes. 
One time Katherine told me she saw me being interviewed and shot for a cover of a magazine and I will admit, I was a bit skeptical. A month later I was flown out to do just that! 
The type of guidance you get from her is priceless and her wisdom will linger with you well after your session. Thank you Katherine for always being so kind, loving, and patient. May you continue to be a vessel for good because he chose the right person to get the job done!


Porsche Little - Los Angeles, CA

"Katherine is an amazing medium/diviner. Because of her, I have been able to brace myself and anticipate so much in my life. She even predicted my current relationship and I am so grateful for how it is blossoming. She has predicted changes in my career life that have also happened within the span of a whole year. She can really see far out and is so accurate about it too! She is truly gifted and the fact that she uses her gifts to help people in the best ways is inspiring. A light in this world! I am so grateful for her!" 


Jamie - Los Angeles, CA

 "I feel so fortunate to have been referred to Katherine several years ago. Not only has she given several friends clarity over the years, her readings have always been spot on! She even told me my future husband's nickname (Cosmo), what he did for a living and the color of his car! She told me this 11 months before I met him and before he even moved to California. Katherine has also given me very helpful insights regarding my business. I have had several readings over the years and to date they have all been accurate. It's amazing!"


Julie M. Business Consultant, San Jose, CA


"In my first reading with Katherine she identified my mother's name and how long ago she had passed. I was stunned at the level of specificity and ability to read energy. Katherine is a caring counselor and at the same time very professional. I encourage anyone wanting to explore the next year's potential to call this talented and wonderful Intuitive Consultant. I check in with her yearly."


Collen Hicks, MA ~Museum Director, Choir Director


"I have been a loyal client of Katherine's for several years. On one occasion my brother's significant other went missing, and we were beside ourselves with worry. I phoned Katherine to see if she could help. Katherine tuned into the situation and accurately described the town my brother lived in and approximately where his girlfriend would be located. Katherine stated that she had left of her own accord and that she would resurface the next day; as usual, Katherine was correct. Katherine has also predicted many other significant events in my life. I will be forever grateful to Katherine for her wisdom and guidance."


Robin Prater~ Harrison, AR


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" Katherine Jones has been a friend of the family for several years. Recently a woman came up from the Anchorage area and was headed 90 to 100 miles outside the city of Fairbanks. She was going to her family's mine, she went missing en route. There was an article in the local newspaper asking for anybody to come forward if they had seen her or had any information regarding her whereabouts. She had been caught on a surveillance camera at a store in town but hadn't been heard from for several weeks. For a month her family and friends had been searching for her along the 100-mile stretch of road to the mine, and all along the side roads without any luck. Her family had also stopped by the state camp where I work and asked us to keep an eye out for her. We searched whenever we could after work. The road is long and winding and cut into the mountains. One side is hills going up and the other side is cliffs going down-a mile in some places. It was like looking for a needle in a haystack. I finally decided to ask Katherine if she could help. I gave her the woman's name and she called me back a short time later. She told me things about the woman that I was unaware of, but my coworkers, who had met her before were able to confirm. She described the location where she saw the woman. I had only been working there for a short time and was not fully familiar with the territory and all of it's landmarks. I went back to work and as my coworkers and I discussed the information she had given me, it just started coming together. We were able to narrow down the area where we wanted to concentrate our search to a "small" section of the road. We found her within a day. Katherine said she would be on an East facing slope and she was. There are only a couple of slopes that are truly east facing. Katherine saw an eagle with its beak pointing south and its tail to the north. She saw a boat launch or inlet nearby. She was found south of a place called Eagle Summit near a stream where canoes and small riverboats come in. Looking down it does look like an inlet. Her vehicle was off the road, quite a ways down. It was hidden by the bushes and trees and barely visible. Unfortunately, the woman was deceased. Without Katherine's gracious help; however, I do not believe we would have ever found her or been able to give her family closure. Thank you, Katherine."


Travis Capps ~ AK

"I recently had a reading with Katherine, and it was an incredibly profound experience. From the moment I connected with her, I felt a sense of calm and understanding. Katherine has a unique ability to create a warm and welcoming environment, making it easy to open up and share personal details.

In addition to the reading, Katherine offered practical advice and tools to help me navigate my challenges. Her guidance was both spiritual and practical, making it applicable to my daily life."


Kati MortonID

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