Katherine Jones is a gifted PSYCHIC-MEDIUM who has been reading for people since the age of 10. Both of her parents were very intuitive and her maternal Grandfather was a talented Dowser, who could find water anywhere. Over the years, Katherine has developed her natural talents to an extraordinary level, often exceeding 85% accuracy.

Excelling in private readings, Katherine's varied clientele includes Realtors, students, housewives, Psychologists and engineers. All have been helped by the accuracy of Katherine's readings, delighted by her sense of humor and reassured by her positive, loving approach to consultations.

However, Katherine's abilities are not limited to handling personal problems. Over the years she has developed a real talent for forecasting for people in business and the entertainment industry.

Katherine has been featured in the UNICOM GUIDE TO PSYCHICS AND CATALYST MAGAZINE. Her radio appearances include THE EAGLE AND THE CONDOR SHOW*and the internet radio program BEYOND THE ORDINARY*. She was recently the featured guest on the TV show THE PARANORMAL CONNECTION. *Currently off-air/retired


Email me for a reading kjonesreadings@gmail.com located on the Contact Page

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